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July 2004
Vol. 6 Issue 2

Usability News is a free web newsletter that is produced by the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL). The SURL team specializes in software/website user interface design research, human-computer interaction research, and usability testing and research.  -Barbara S. Chaparro, Editor  Notes from the Editor

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Website Design 


The Effects of Contrast and Density on Visual Web Search
by D. Weller


Reading Online Text: A Comparison of Four White Space Layouts
by B. Chaparro, J.R. Baker, A.D. Shaikh, S. Hull, & L. Brady


Paper or Pixels: What Are People Reading Online?
by A.D. Shaikh


Online Banking: Why People Are Branching Out
by M. Bayles

bullet Global Examination of Users' Mental Models for E-Commerce Web Layouts
by M. Bernard &
A. Sheshadri


Handheld Devices


Comparing Data Input Methods on Handheld Computers
by G. Copas & L. Elder


Technology and Education


The Role of Interactivity in Web-Based Educational Material
by L. Brady


Technology in the Classroom: How Important is the Student-Teacher Interaction?
by C. Gilmore & C. Halcomb


Blackboard™ Gets A Global Review
by G. Copas, T. Witherspoon, & K. Reynolds

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