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July 2002
Vol. 4 Issue 2

Usability News is a free web newsletter that is produced by the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL). The SURL team specializes in software/website user interface design research, human-computer interaction research, and usability testing and research.  -Barbara S. Chaparro, Editor

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From the Editor
by B. Chaparro

Website Design 


Reading Online News: A Comparison of Three Presentation Formats
by R. Baker, M. Bernard, & S. Riley



Examining the Effects of Hypertext Shape on User Performance
by M. Bernard


Determining Cognitive Predictors of User Performance within
Complex User Interfaces

by M. Bernard, C. Hamblin, & B. Scofield


The Effects of Line Length on Children and Adults' Online Reading Performance
by M. Bernard, M. Fernandez, & S. Hull


Fortune 500 Revisited: Current Trends in Site Map Design
by M.

E-Commerce Usability


Can Personality Be Used to Predict How We Use the Internet?
by B. Lida


Online Shopping for Office Supplies: Factors Impacting User Satisfaction
by B. Chaparro, V. Pereira, & S. Padgett


Are You in Good Hands With Allstate?: A Comparison of Three Auto-Insurance Websites
by R. Baker & C. Gilmore


Top Ten Mistakes of Shopping Cart Design
by B. Chaparro


Technology & Education


Using Technology to Foster a Student-Centered Classroom
by C. Halcomb & N. Rogers


Bringing the Chat Room to the Classroom
by M. Russell & C. Halcomb

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