Gary Greenberg, Ph.D.


Gary Greenberg, Ph.D.

Email address:

Professor of Psychology

Brooklyn College, B.S., 1962
University of Wichita, M.A., 1964
Kansas State University, Ph.D., 1970

Current Instructor:
General Psychology (Honors)
Biological Foundation of Behavior

Research Interests:
Human-Animal Interactions.
Evolution and development of behavior

My focus is comparative psychology - the evolution and development of behavior.  This is animal behavior, but for my group humans are animals.  We define comparative psychology as general psychology.  Our work is more theoretical than empirical these days and our papers look to develop general theoretical ideas that apply to all behaviors for all species.  Recent papers have discussed the role of the evolution of the brain to the appearance of language and an optimistic view of the future of comparative psychology.  My recent book, Principles of Comparative Psychology (2002, Allyn & Bacon), presents a unified theoretical perspective for all behavior. Evolution plays an important role in our view, though we are not evolutionary psychologists. We believe behavior to be a developmental phenomenon rather than a genetically or biologically determined one.  Our most recent publication shows how contemporary ideas in physics, drnamic systems theory, plays an important role in the modern understanding of psychology as a natural science [Greenberg, G., Partridge, T., Weiss, E. & Pisula, W. (2004). Comparative psychology: A new perspective for the 21st century: Up the spiral staircase. Developmental Psychobiology, 44, 1-15]. .

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